Radd's School of Rotary Flight


That's a little silly and big headed isn't it?.. I mean hey, we are talking about Toy Helicopters here aren't we...Who is Radd and why would he think he's qualified to have a School of Flight?

You can't be serious...

The answer to that question is absolutely,.. positively.... NO!.. I am very seldom serious. Just ask anyone that knows me...I love to kid around, have fun and tear it up with the best of them. I have a blast with my life (thank you Lord) and helicopters are a big part of that..


Who am I and what makes me think I should have a school named after me?

First of all Radd is a nickname given to me by my step children. They already had a “Dadd”..and I had no desire to take that away or fill his shoes..

Secondly The flight school or it's name wasn't actually my idea. The idea for the school belonged to Bert (aka _Q_ on the Ikarus BBS) and the Ikarus BBS chose and voted on the name it was to be called. I must admit that Radd's sounds much better than “STEP DAD'S SCHOOL FOR FLIGHT FOOLS'...Don't you?

Why am I qualified to teach the flying lessons?.. To put it simply...and honestly...I'm not! I'm not qualified for anything at all...It would be ridiculous to pretend anything like that. So.... Mr. I can't tell a lie....Why would anyone listen to anything I would have to say then?....For three reasons....The first reason is ...because I care about the frustration of new helicopter pilots. I love helicopters. It was very difficult and frustrating for me to learn. After I did learn to fly helicopters I saw very clearly that they are not hard to fly.. They simply demand a lot of respect...Once that little jewel of wisdom lit up in my head everything about flying helicopters changed...You will see for yourself that respect is the key...And as strangely as it sounds I'm not talking about respect for safety or the respect for the engineering aspect of helicopter flight..It's simple, straight forward and honest..I could teach a blind man to see this...”huh?”..what did he say..?

The second reason why anyone should listen to me is ...because I am right... You can argue with the wind or curse gravity but that won't change simple common sense. That's all it is..

One of my students once heard a “guru flyer” criticize my techniques and he answered in typical common sense with a bit of wisdom and said...”He either can't do what you ask or refuses to backup and do it right!”..

And Third reason is...I can teach you to fly Helicopters without crashing!!...Believe it!!

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